Customer Comment – SKR Tour

To whom it may concern, on behalf of the SKR Tour members who visited your hotel from August 19th to 30th. From our arrival to our departure your staff did so much to welcome us in your hotel. An easy check in is vital for those who traveled a lot od hours on arrival day, card keys were already prepared and handed out upon arrival. Throughout our stay your staff took care of us making our rooms twice a day and changing towels as often as possible – as we walked a lot i presume we needed this more than other guests! The meals were excellent, please send our thanks to your Chefs. We wish you success in the future in continuing housing the travelling people. We enjoyed your most lovely gardens, as it gave us tranquility and a very relaxing view out of our windows. Your grand building and garden deserves to thrive forever. Yours sincerely, Brigitte Schmitt on behalf of the group.