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22nd August 2022

Artisan Suppliers

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22nd August 2022

Artisan Suppliers

Artisan suppliers- fish of the day - Restaurant Meudon

22nd August 2022

Artisan Suppliers

At Restaurant Meudon, we have striven since day one to use local suppliers for as much of our produce as we possibly can, because…well, why wouldn’t we? It would make no sense to import food and drink that we could source from Cornish suppliers when Cornwall is known nationally – even across the world – as being a veritable food-lover’s paradise.

Here, we're surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with rolling green hills and centuries of experience in farming, fishing, bakery, brewing…you name it. In fact, we are spoilt for choice with local suppliers these days and the Cornish food and drink industry has gone from strength to strength in the last decade, as people across the country have woken up to the quality of what we can offer. It’s now quite standard to be able to walk into a high-end restaurant in London and order Cornish mussels or fish, or to sit at a bar in Liverpool and order a pint of beer brewed in our beautiful county.

The benefits of buying local are many, and it goes way beyond just the high quality of the produce. There is an obvious reduction in environmental impact when your meat, fish, vegetables etc are transported a few miles rather than across the UK (or even from another country). There is also a hugely positive impact on the local economy, helping Cornish firms thrive, keeping generational family businesses alive, and encouraging new start-ups to flourish.

Being able to visit the farms, factories and boats where our delicious food comes from, meeting your suppliers face to face, and having a close relationship with them also helps to maintain a strong network based on trust and high standards.

It’s fair to say that we know a thing or two when it comes to creating dishes of the highest quality at Meudon, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to seeking out the best local suppliers, providing the type of fresh produce that can elevate our menus to the exceptional standards that our guests insist upon. Our Head Chef, Charlotte Vincent, never settles for second best, or takes the easy route when it comes to sourcing the finest ingredients: "I never take for granted how lucky I am to live right in the middle of such a bountiful source of the finest produce. I may be biased, but Cornish meat, dairy, vegetables and beverages are as fine as any I’ve worked with in the world, and I always prioritise buying local for my dishes. If for any reason there is an ingredient I cannot source from Cornwall, I will only work with the highest quality providers, ensuring incredible flavours and the highest ethical standards".

Artisan Suppliers at Restaurant Meudon

This ethos of using Cornish suppliers is just one of the reasons Restaurant Meudon gained both Taste of the West and Cornwall Tourism Awards in 2022 in our first year of opening. For a peek at some of our suppliers, and what they offer, see the links below. We are always on the lookout for the best produce, and this list may be updated as we move forward.

Oysters - local suppliers at Restaurant Meudon.

Cornish Fish Direct

Just a few of our wonderful suppliers...

Soul Farm

A community-supported agriculture farm in Falmouth, providing the freshest, tastiest veggies.

Cornwall Fish Direct

Cornish fish, straight from the boat and the tastiest you’ll find anywhere.

RJ Trevarthen

The freshest meat from animals reared in the beautiful Cornish countryside.

Forest Produce

A team of former chefs, providing the finest ingredients for restaurants, with an emphasis on supporting the local community and sourcing as much as possible from the local market.

Good Earth Growers

An ethical source of the freshest organic vegetables, edible flowers etc, supplying only the finest restaurants.


A consistently reliable source of the freshest local, seasonal produce.

Ritter Courivaud

For some of the products that are not easily sourced locally, from caviar to fresh truffles, wild mushrooms, certain cheeses and charcuterie, Ritter Courivaud provides the highest quality ingredients that push our dishes to that next level.

Surf N Turf Restaurant Meudon

Restaurant Meudon

Our food story captures the essence of Hotel Meudon’s heritage and location –complemented by Cornwall’s natural larder.

Freddies cross sell

Freddie's Bar

From a legendary Martini to the ever-popular Bramble, Hotel Meudon’s skillful creators will mix the drinks you love perfectly.

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room

The beating heart of Hotel Meudon. Settle with a morning coffee, chat over the papers, or sample something chilled.