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Sea Swimming February 2021

24th May 2021

Savour the arrival of summer

‘In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes, and every sunset is different’. Though John Steinbeck’s novel ‘The Winter of our Discontent’ wasn’t based on a visit to Meudon, this quote describes quite nicely the feast for the senses that this time of year offers here.

An early stroll through the valley gardens, with the winding pathways and dew-covered flowers and leaves bathed in morning sunlight, offers a chance to gaze at a dazzling array of brightly coloured plants and flowers including Rhododendrons, Magnolia, Camellias and the Foxglove Tree, all nestled between giant Tree Ferns and the huge, Jurassic looking Gunnera. Though many choose to wild swim all year round off of the Cornish coast, making the most of the warming effects of the Gulf Stream that keep the waters, if not pleasant, at least possible to swim in during the winter months, June brings about a tangible rise in ocean temperature inviting the less hardy to dive in and feel the benefit of immersing in the refreshing Atlantic.

Meudon boat grass

The sheltered seclusion of Bream Cove, just at the foot of Meudon Garden, offers some protection against prevailing south-westerly breezes and is the perfect spot for a quiet, uninterrupted dip if the mood takes you. In many ways, June in Cornwall offers the best of both worlds. The weather is usually warm and dry, plant life has exploded into a riot of colour and scent, coastal water temperatures have crept up closer to 20 than 10 degrees and yet the summer holiday buzz has not begun, meaning there is an element of extra space and time for visitors to enjoy a slower pace of life. This is also a good time to visit popular attractions such as Falmouth’s historic Pendennis Castle and to take in the ‘Falmouth Classics’, 3 days of classic sailing craft and other traditional vessels which come from far and wide take to our local waters around Falmouth to race on 11-13th June. Every month at Hotel Meudon has its own good reason for visiting and immersing yourself in its inspiring surroundings. This year in particular, many are feeling the need to get away from the hustle and bustle and to unwind, June at Meudon may just be the tonic you need..