Customer Comment – Mr. & Mrs. Lowe

Customer Comment – Mawnan WI
February 12, 2013
Customer Comment – Mrs. Barrington
February 12, 2013

Customer Comment – Mr. & Mrs. Lowe

We have just spent our first Christmas at Meudon, and have so thoroughly enjoyed the experience that we feel compelled to write and tell you so.

It is self evident from the number of guests, who were making repeat visits to the hotel, that the Meudon Christmas experience is a most praiseworthy indulgence.  We, for our part, enjoyed a most pleasurable Christmas celebration and very much look forward to further visits in future years.

The enjoyment of our first Meudon Christmas undoubtedly stems from the excellent organisation by you and your father, but also so notably from the friendly professionalism of your staff.  We are most grateful to the whole team – every one of them – reception, housekeeping, kitchen, bar, restaurant and ground staff – their contributions greatly enhances the pleasure of time spent at the hotel.

We were particularly impressed by the range and content of each day’s menus, with appetising variation from each day to the next.  Over the four days spent with you the food and cuisine were excellent – all praise to an accomplished ‘brigade de cuisine’.

For us the Meudon Christmas experience was perfect.  Thank you all very much. Mr. & Mrs Lowe.

P.S.  The vocalise from local Carollers and by Falmouth Shout on Christmas and Boxing Day eves was most enjoyable – especially the rendition of the White Rose in Cornish – proppa job!

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