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Explore our Gardens and Bream Cove

Explore an incredible nine acres of exotic valley gardens, featuring plant-hunter finds from around the world.

Meudon Gardens are a subtropical paradise with a specific microclimate allowing growth of a stunning array of giant flora. These magnificent plants and trees can reach a mature size that you will not find elsewhere in the country.

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The gardens are at their most alluring in Spring, when you will see our collection of Rhododendrons and Camellias burst into flower, filling the valley with colour. Also, at this time of year you can witness our two most treasured specimens in flower: the 10-metre-tall Magnolia (Campbellii Var Mollicomata) and the extremely rare Rhododendron (Protristum Var Giganteum). With 45cm wide leaves and dazzling, huge pink panicles of flower, this thing of beauty simply has to be seen to be believed. Scattered throughout the garden you will see jurassic-looking tree ferns, which were originally cut down and used as ballast for the returning ships from Australasia. The stumps were then thrown overboard as the ships came into dock in neighbouring Falmouth harbour and were replanted in our gardens, now standing proud and tall for us to enjoy. These trees only grow around 2.5cm a year on average and our biggest are aged between 180 -200 years old!

Other spring highlights are the Paulownia Tomentosa, otherwise known as the Foxglove Tree. Seen at the top of the main path, this charming tree sports purple flowers that have the aroma of Parma Violets.Our Wollemi Pine on Tower House Walk was once thought to have become extinct. This tree was rediscovered in 1994 and planted in the early 2000’s, and is a stunning specimen.

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Meudon hotel gardens

Summer brings an abundance of flowers from the hundreds of Fuchsias, Agapanthus and Hydrangeas and a stroll down through the cool, colourful valley will lift the spirits and delight the senses. If ambling down one of the winding pathways towards the beach in the summertime, you may notice our original trout ponds fed by our natural stream. No longer used to stock fish, they now hold our stock of Gunnera Manicata or ‘Giant Rhubarb’. With huge, green, two-metre-wide leaves fanning out from tall, thick, spiky trunks, you could easily imagine a dinosaur hiding under their canopy!

In the top garden you will see a rainbow explosion of perennials, including blue Agapanthus, purple Osteospurnums, red and pink Fuschias, orange Canna Lilies and yellow Hedichium Gardenarium (or ‘Ginger Lily’ - an absolute stunner), all nestled in a verdant, lush, green setting. The garden is framed by an impressive display of trees, the tallest of which are our Monterey Pines which deposit their huge cones along the paths. We also have many native specimens, including some mature Beeches, giant Bay trees, Ash and an Oak or two.

Meudon gardens

Our team of gardeners have incredible attention to detail, Meudon Gardens would not be the glorious spectacle that it is. ‘I never tire of being in and around the gardens. Each season reveals secrets that we didn’t know the previous year and there is just a humbling, calming energy when in the presence of these vast, impressive trees and plants’. Scarlet - estate operative.

Bream Cove is a delightful, sheltered beach just down through Meudon Gardens that is perfect for Stand-Up Paddleboarding, wild swimming and kayaking, or simply relaxing and soaking in some sunshine.

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Dating back to the 1800s, Meudon was once home to Falmouth’s famous Fox family.

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Our very own beach, Bream Cove is wonderfully sheltered and perfect for wild swimming, snorkelling and watching the natural world go by.

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Watersports and Guided Adventures

Take advantage of the fantastic water sports on offer here, such as sea swimming, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking and boat trips.