Nature’s Wrath

Reasons for the Seasons
December 20, 2018
Long hot summer
January 3, 2019

Nature’s Wrath

A tale of extraordinary and unpredictable events

It’s hard to keep count of all the storms we encountered in 2018. Back in early March, storm Emma ripped through the UK, causing floods and leaving many people without power all over the country including Cornwall. While the Meudon team stayed safe during storm Emma, the winds did bring down a Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) tree, which is native to California and has towered in our garden for over one hundred years.  This caused Mark (owner and gardener) quite a headache as our chainsaw was not man enough for the job.

It is now cleared and you would hardly know it had ever been there, the wonder of nature in repair.



Not forgetting the Beast from the East, which also coincided with storm Emma and covered most of the UK – including Cornwall – in a blanket of white. Due to the anticipation of severe snow and the fact that our winding country roads are challenging enough without an added blizzard, our guests took the decision to head home early and Meudon closed for two days until the roads were safe again. For some people the snow was magical, albeit disruptive, but for others it was far more devastating. The sense of community, support and togetherness was very present at this challenging time, which was truly warming.

Written by Lizzi




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